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A fish has multiple benefits for human beings. Not only does it contain unsaturated fats that are valuable for preventing cardiovascular diseases, combating stress and improving concentration, but it also represents a rich source of mineral salts.

Fish contain Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which positively affect the blood cholesterol level and are excellent for preventing heart diseases as well as blood vessels diseases. Furthermore, fish meat is also rich in vitamins and minerals.
What nutrients do fish contain?
Sea fish is rich in iodine, potassium, sodium and cooper, while freshwater fish contain somewhat less sodium and iodine. All fish types contain vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 which are essential for the proper functioning of the nerve cells. Fish also have calcium, but it is mostly concentrated in the shells. Thus it is very useful to occasionally include small fish such as sprats, sardines and herring in the menu.

Oily fish are exceptionally healthy for the human body, but one should be careful in choosing fish and the manner of preparation. Fish contain high level of important proteins up to approximately 20%. They have saccharides, while there is only a small amount of fats in fish. However, the fat contained in fish is very useful for the human body, so even if you eat oily fish it will not harm you in any way, as opposed to eating fatty pork.

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Fish market No.2
18000 Nis, Bulevar Nemanjica bb
Tel: 062 278 524, Accountable person: Ivan Mladenovic

Fish market No.4
18000 Nis, Bulevar Nemanjica, market Bosko Buha lok. br.35
Tel: 018 539 633, Accountable person: Dragana Milanovic

Fish market No.14
18000 Nis, Vizantijski bulevar 84, Duvaniste
Tel: 018 280 777, Accountable person: Aleksandra Petkovic

Fish market No.18
18000 Nis, Vojvode Putnika bb, Bubanj
Tel: 062 278 036, Accountable person: Svetlana Ristic

Fish market No.27
18000 Niš, Božidarčeva bb, Palilula
Tel: 062 278 094, Accountable person: Strumica Miljkovic

Fish market No.3
18000 Nis, djuke Dinic bb, lok. br.7, Fortress market,
Tel: 062 278 042, Accountable person: Dusica Jovanovic

Fish market No.10
18000 Nis, KnjaZevacka bb, Durlan market,
Tel: 018 566 555, Accountable person: Bratislav Cvetanovic

Fish market No.17
18000 Nis, Zetska 2,
City hospital
Tel: 062 278 097, Accountable person: Milica Stojkovic

Fish market No.24
18000 Nis, Sime Dinica br.2
settlement 9. Maj
Tel: 062 278 294, Accountable
person: Zaklina Jovanovic

Fish market No.28
18000 Nis, Njegoseva br. 12

Tel: 063 586 027, Accountable
person: Jelena Radovic

Fish market No.7
18220 Aleksinac, Majora Milana Tepica,
shopping mall, lok. br.5 Tel: 018 808 848
Accountable person: Slobodanka Stojkovic

Fish market No. 5
18210 Zitkovac, Dragoljuba Vujica 54
Tel: 062 278 031
Accountable person: Danijela Bogosavljevic

Fish market No.11
19000 Zajecar, Green market
Tel: 062 278 020
Accountable person: Momir Jovic

Fish market No.12
19000 Zajecar, Ljube Nesica 82
Tel: 062 278 056
Accountable person: Ivana Jojic

Fish market No.6
19300 Negotin, Dobropoljska bb
Tel: 062 278 256
Accountable person: Slavica djordjevic

Fish market No.9
16000 Leskovac, JuZnomoravskih brigada 117
Tel: 062 278 045
Accountable person: Ivan Ivanovic

Fish market No.22
16000 Leskovac, Stevana Sremca 13
Tel: 062 278 532
Accountable person: Ana Manojlovic

Fish market No.8
37000 Krusevac, Trg Despota Stefana 8A
Tel: 062 278 046
Accountable person: Zlatica Mijajlovic

Fish market No.15
37000 Krusevac, Vece Korcagina 73
Tel: 063 586 071
Accountable person: Gorica Andrejic

Fish market No. 23
37000 Krusevac, Cara Lazara 190
Tel: 063 586 108
Accountable person: Sandra Stankov

Fish market No.16
18300 Pirot, Srpskih Vladara 121
Tel: 062 278 083
Accountable person: SneZana Cvetkovic

Fish market No.19
18300 Pirot, Trg Republike 77
Tel: 062 278 245
Accountable person: Vladimir Cvetkovic

Fish market No.20
35250 Paracin, Beogradska 4
Tel: 063 586 084
Accountable person: Lidija Radonjic

Fish market No.21
18412 Zitoradja, Toplickih Heroja 6
Tel: 062 278 191
Accountable person: Dragisa Marjanovic

Fish market No.25
36210 Vrnjačka banja, Kruševačka bb-TC Pijaca A3-LOK-11
Tel: 063 586 170
Accountable person: Jelena Ćirić

Fish market No.26
35000 Jagodina, Gradska tržnica Lok.E-7/A
Tel: 063 586 185
Accountable person: Jelena Đorđević


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